Known errors

This is not an exhaustive list of errors and mistakes that I know about just so you are aware before committing to buying/printing these books out. In general, keep in mind that I am doing all of this myself and this is not a professional/official thing, there might be a few mistakes and omissions I didn't catch.


An archive of cool communist and anarchist texts. This website runs on Github Pages and Zola, more up-to-date info is available on the Github page.

You are welcome to contribute to this project in any way: either directly on Github, or through me. I am available on Twitter if you have any questions, suggestions or corrections!

I am looking to expand the library presented here, so if you have anything you want to get a nice print of (preferrably books that are long out of print or have never been printed properly), shoot me a DM on Twitter or on Discord: problemicist#5379.

Stuff in progress

I am currently transcribing and formatting a few books:

Last updates

For a different (and perhaps, more complete) list of related websites see the original redtexts website.

Note: some of these websites might be dead. In this case, look them up on Web Archive. Want to access other books and articles? See libgen, z-library, sci-hub. These links might also be dead, so you'll need to look for their mirrors.

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